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Spring '97

To order a copy of our Spring 1997 issue, send a check for $6 for the first copy by snail mail to Clarion Publications, P.O. Box 236, Geneseo, N.Y. 14454 (price includes postage and handling). All additional copies of this or other available back issues are just $5. Get 10 or more back issues for $4 each or all 26 available back issues for just $95.

Save 10% Off if you pick up the back issues at the Genesee Graphics Office at 75 Main St. in Geneseo. To make an appointment or to place a credit card order, please call 585-233-5338.

Cover Story: Home & Garden '97

Hornell's 'Mum Man' says "Treat your garden like a baby" by Terry L. Clark
Everything from cactus to sunflowers, lilies to vegetables, and roses to rhododendrons flourish under his care.

Out with the immigrants! by Cynthia Edney
Non-native plants, like quackgrass and crabgrass, burdoch and thistle, once performed a function. Now they're often considered pests.

Rescuing the little house in the woods by Georgia Mullen
A retired West Irondequoit teacher turns a Yates County century farmhouse , abandoned for 30 years, into a darling country cottage.

Landscaping in harmony with nature by Georgia Mullen
Follow four simple rules to guarantee that landscape trees and shrubs flourish.

Historic Preservation by Joan Merkel Smith
Preservation consultant Peter Belden Trieb works to change people's thinking about old buildings.


The Open Door by Publisher Corrin Strong
The groundhog was right! Restoring the Genesee Country concept .

Short Tracts by Editor Georgia Mullen
Readers respond to genealogy queries.

Genesee Country Sketches: Taking the long way around Canandaigua Lake
by Rich Gardner
Burdock and cold rain can't dampen this dedicated walker's enjoyment of soaring turkey vultures, sunning box turtles and the sounds of cottages opening up for the season.

History: The Linden Murders, part one by Georgia Mullen
No clues. No motive. No suspects. No trial. Someone got away with the perfect crime in this tiny Genesee County hamlet.

Main Streets: Canandaigua by Dave Edney
The Chosen Place faces competing choices.

Destinations: Fossil Hunting by Susan Peterson
Genesee Country shorelines and outcroppings are good fossil-hunting sites.

Just Folks: T.M. Wright, master of the subtle fright by Mary Anne Donovan
Several British reviewers have called this Brighton novelist "the best ghost story writer alive today."

For Art's Sake: Vincent Massaro's garden of metaphors by Michael Lasser
This Rochester sculptor's garden art depends on found objects, particularly a large amount of tree debris.

Home Away from Home: Naples Valley B&B by Marci Diehl
"I had one Swiss call his mother from my deck and say, 'I'm standing in the Switzerland of the U.S.'" claims innkeeper Nadina Stevens.

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