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Autumn 1996

To order a copy of this issue, send a check for $5 for the first copy by snail mail to Clarion Publications, P.O. Box 236, Geneseo, N.Y. 14454 (price includes postage and handling). All additional copies of this or other available back issues are just $4. For information or to place a credit card order, please call 585-233-5338.

4 The Open Door by Publisher Corrin Strong
After strong opposition to change from readers, we've decided to keep the name "Genesee Country"...for now. See also our GC Forum

8 Short Tracts by Editor Georgia Mullen
--A replica of an early 19th century ark, used to transport products from the Genesee Country to Baltimore, is floated down the rivers through two states in honor of Steuben County's bicentennial.
--A secret room, accessed by a secret stairway, is uncovered in Scott's Corners. Did it harbor runaway slaves traveling on the Underground Railroad?

12 Genesee Country Sketches by Scott Adamson: The Niagara Escarpment.
No small bluff, the geologic formation continues to change.

16 There's something in a name by Donovan Shilling.
How...and why...were our towns, villages and cities named? Where did those strange Arkport, Painted Post and Horseheads...come from?

22 Hammondsport by Christopher Jon Peterson.
Water, wings and wine characterize this Steuben County village at the southern tip of Keuka Lake.

28 When giants walked the earth: Presidential campaigning in the early Genesee Country by Kirk House. Winners and losers both fought their election battles in Genesee Country towns and villages.

43 Charlotte & Barber Conable by Jan Surasky.
The 5-time U.S. Congressman and World Bank President had a loyal partner in his wife.

48 Owen Hughes paints noses by Michael Lasser.
World War II airplane artists keeps up his trade.

52 Apples: taste a Genesee Country original and taste the best by Susan Peterson.
New varieties continue to be developed, often using vintage varieties.

60 Adventures B&B Reservation Service by Rich Gardner.
Better than a travel agent, Andrea Barnhoorn knows her clients and can pick the perfect inn for your perfect trip.


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