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June/July '95

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Getting Away from It All

Backpacking: Disappearing into the Woods by Dave & Cynthia Edney
Hiking offers independence, freedom, power and silence.

Sailing: Almost Like Going to Church by Susan Peterson
People still look out for each other on the water.

Fly Fishing: The Art of the Bad Cast by Christopher Jon Peterson
Every fisherman needs a stream where no one else goes.

Beachwalking: Inside the Urban Beachcomber by Rich Gardner
Sometimes beachwalking is like sneaking a shortcut across a newly seeded lawn.

Genesee Country Chapels photos by the Rev. Daniel Rumfelt


The Open Door: Finding a way to get away by Publisher Corrin Strong
The only thing most of us lack is the commitment ot make the time to get away.

Genesee Country Sketches: The Tail of the Beaver by Scott Adamson
A beaver may signal danger with a sound as sharp and piercing as a pistol shot.

History: Lost Cities in the Genesee Country by Joanna Kirk
Hundreds of Genesee Country communities have succumbed to the whims of progress.

Main Streets: East Aurora by Jan Surasky
This Erie County village retains a small town flavor and sense of independence.

History: The Genesee Valley Canal by Donovan Shilling
The Erie Canal's success made entrepreneurs dream of connecting that waterway with the Allegheny River, thereby opening up trade with vast lands to the west.

Destinations: Sonnenberg by Joan Merkel Smith
The mansion, gardens and traditions.

Just Folks: Harold Spencer, Angel to AIDS by Charles Girard
A retired Fairport man bestows time and kindness on AIDS victims.

Home Away from Home: Woods Edge B&B by Sylvia Farrer Bornarth
Seclusion in a healing atmosphere permeates this Wayne County bed and breakfast.

For Arts' Sake: Life in the Stacks by Michael Lasser
Yankee Peddler Bookshops' John Westerberg has the best nose for finding good books.

Views from the Genesee Country: Meditation by Doug Hickerson
Get expert at doing nothing

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