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April/May '94

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Great Gardens of the Genesee

Rochester blossoms as the Flower City by Georgia Mullen
Favorable climate, transportation growth, plus human persistence and ingenuity, changed Rochester from the Flour City into the Flower City.

Great Gardens of the Genesee Country by Georgia Mullen
Ellwanger, Tojo and Borglum's Iris farm, the Garden Center of Rochester with its sunken garden, plus the famous Rochester Lilac Festival.

Watergardens: A treat for you and the frogs by Sylvia Farrer Bornarth
A three-step process -excavate, install, cover.

Hurd Orchards: A Farm-A Family-A Tradition by Doug Hickerson
An Orleans County family turns a regular farm market into marketer's dream.

The Living Wall: Feeding the Third World by Bill Steinhardt
Vertical growing saves space. Intense fertilization increases productivity.

Going Wild in the Genesee Country by Cynthia Edney
Forager finds a cornucopia of edible and medicinal "weeds" outdoors in nature's supermarket.

The Bergen Swamp: Mother Nature's Garden by Bill steinhardt; photos by David Whitcombe
Scientists & nature lovers come from across the country to a Genesee County swamp, oozing with life.


Main Streets: Is life still worth living in Webster? by Georgia Mullen
This Monroe County town has a split personality: It hugs like a small town, but is a commuter-shooter
to Rochester, the mother city.

History: The Morgan Affair by Martin Naparsteck
William Morgan's threat to reveal Freemason secrets led to his mysterious disappearance in one of the Geneseee Country's most notorious crimes.

Destinations: Reinventing the wheel by Doug Hickerson
A 12-ton waterwheel is uncovered, restored and reinstalled in its original chamber at the Brown's Race Historic District in Rochester.

Just Folks: Last of the old-time country doctors by Bill Steinhardt
After 45 years, Avon's Doc Collins still makes housecalls, just like his father before him.


The Open Door by Publisher Corrin Strong
Spring, and a publisher's thoughts turn to summer!

Genesee Country Sketches: Gardening for Bluebirds by Scott Adamson

Home Away from Home: Button's B&B
by David Wheeler
Family hospitality keeps guests happy down on this Avoca farm.

Crossroad Cafe: Batavia's Pok-a-Dot Café by Ivan T. Rocha
Batavia's blue collar spot

Genesee Country Vignettes: Dancing with the 'dozer by Susan Beckhorn
With a change of heart, an Allegany County woman decides to save some trees marked for destruction.

Views from the Western Door: Time to stop glarmoizing violence by Doug Hickerson

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