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Oct./Nov. '93

Sorry this issue is out of print. Reprints of individual articles are available for purchase. Click here to download a complete index and price list for all articles published to date. Our site is also now searchable.(Note: this index is a .pdf document. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print it.) If you do not have Acrobat you may obtain it free from Adobe.

50 Years Later: A River Ramble Revisited various authors
Half a century ago, newspaperman Arch Merrill embarked on his famous Genesee River ramble from Gold, Pa. to Lake Ontario. Much has changed along the river in 50 years, as we discovered when we revisited the towns along the gamboling Genesee.

Genesee Country Sketches: The pleasures of walking by Scott Adamson
Turn off the TV, go outside and discover what the Genesee Country has to offer.

Crossroad Cafe: Canandaigua's Chosen Place for Conversation by Joan Merkel Smith
There's plenty of hot news at the Seneca Luncheonette, a former Canandaigua newsstand.

Main Streets: Attica: Escaping from the shadow by Georgia Mullen
The world knows this Wyoming County town for one horrible day in 1971, but Attica strives to cultivate a more positive image.

Just Folks: Proud to be 100 % Native American by Bill Steinhardt
Maria Oliver, a Navajo Indian, has dedicated her life to helping Native Americans of all tribes.

Destinations: Old traditions uncork New Wine by Arline Chandler
Andrew Colaruotolo, a native of Gaeta, Italy, has brought the ancient art of winemaking to the Genesee Country at his Casa Larga vineyard.

Fiction: Love in an age of paranoia (excerpt) by Dr. Paul Neureiter
Shortly before his death at the age of 92, this Geneseo professor published his first novel, a metaphysical love story.

Home Away from Home: Dartmouth House Bed and Breakfast by Sylvia Farrer Bornarth
There once was a couple named Klein, whose B&B was quite divine. Want to know why?

The Open Door by Publisher Corrin Strong
Technically Speaking

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